Our Story

Magnetic Moves was started in 2009 by sisters Joanne and Robyn. Both are mothers to 3 children each and Robyn is also an Occupational Therapist.

Magnetic Moves grew out of a discussion about how to manage busy homes, and help kids develop independence throughout the day. Jo was also looking for ways to help her child with sensory processing issues stay calm during times of transition and to know what to expect in his day.

My Busy Day and My Busy School Week charts were created first followed a year later by My Toilet Chart.

The workshops grew from a desire to share information with parents and teachers/carers about sensory processing challenges that all children may face especially those on the autism spectrum and those with Sensory Processing Disorder. “We wish to help people understand these children better and to not automatically label them as ‘naughty’”. With Robyn’s knowledge as an Occupational Therapist and Jo’s experience as a mother of a child with sensory processing challenges the workshops offer a unique perspective.

“We’re both very excited about the future direction of Magnetic Moves and look forward to expanding our workshops and family tools”.

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