Play Ideas

Are you looking for some new play ideas, or just wanting to remember some old favourites? Magnetic Moves has complied a list of fun play ideas to keep your day busy and full of new experiences. Email us some your best play ideas.

Play idea of the month
Playdough: an old favourite

Submitted by Korryne Mitchell

You can have lots of fun with playdough, putty or plasticine:

  • Roll them out into long strips – who can make the longest “snake”? Pinch along the back of the snake to turn it into a “dinosaur” or roll the snake around and around to make a nest or basket. Roll tiny balls to fill the nest with eggs.
  • Use cookie cutters, rolling pins and plastic scissors to create your own shapes.
  • Make pretend foods.
  • Use craft matchsticks and stick them in the playdough to make a porcupine.
  • Use craft eyes and pipecleaners to create your playdough creature.


Lego, Kennex and other small piece constructions sets may be best completed on table tops to keep tiny pieces away from younger siblings.


Use traditional ones or create your own with cut up pictures / cards or photos.

Craft and creative play

  • Making birthday cards, cutting shapes from old cards, cutting magazines, gluing and sticking, drawing and colouring can create hours of fun for little ones.
  • Ripping, scrunching and tearing paper can be put to good use in creating collages. If you find that the glue doesn’t do the job, try using the sticky side of a piece of contact to display your child’s creation.
  • Make necklaces with beads, buttons, noodles or shells
  • Make musical instruments such as shakers, tambourines and drums. Make a band.
  • Make puppets with socks or paper bags and put on a puppet show
  • Do finger painting
  • Help your child to make a book about themselves using photos or drawings
  • Make paper planes or chatterboxes
  • Do Oragmai


Need some inspiration to get your child interested in drawing?

  • Try creating scribble drawings (scribble on a piece of paper and then see if you can turn it into an animal a vehicle or anything at all)
  • Draw a pirate map, what will you find on the way to the treasure? Draw all the items on the map
  • You’ve found the treasure chest! What is in it? Draw the items, cut them out and place them in a treasure chest.
  • Dinosaur’s belly – What does a dinosaur eat? Draw / find a picture of a dinosaur.
  • It’s time to feed it – Draw pictures for the dinosaur to eat (leaves / meat / trees / other dinosaurs) cut them out and paste them in the dinosaur’s belly.

Pen and paper for older kids

  • Hangman
  • Noughts and crosses
  • Select a letter of the alphabet and see who can be the first to write down, boy name, girl name, car, city, county, sport, colour, animal, singer and flower which begins with the chosen letter.